Wipro Selects Oracle Cloud to Accelerate Digitization of Air Cargo Processes

“The dynamics of the global supply chain have undergone a significant transformation due to the pandemic”

Oracle said Wipro Limited has chosen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to power its next-generation Reservations, Operations, Accounting and Cargo Management Information System (CROAMIS) suite of applications.

This would allow Wipro to offer CROAMIS as part of its FullStride cloud services, to customers around the world, thus contributing to a faster modernization of the air cargo industry amid increasing demand for rapid transit services from freight, Oracle said Monday.

Gopi Krishnan, Vice President and Managing Partner, Domain & Consulting Services, Consumer Sector, Wipro Limited said: “There has been a significant shift in the supply chain, especially in key sectors such as pharmaceuticals and retail. moved quickly across the world. While this has enabled air freight to gain share, it has also created the need for this industry to accelerate its modernization through the use of the cloud and other digital technologies.

“Now, with CROAMIS on OCI, we anticipate that its use will help our customers scale faster, increase their business efficiency, accelerate their pace of innovation, benefit from greater security and reduce their storage costs. data and outgoing data transfer, ”he added. noted.

Wipro has migrated its CROAMIS application to Oracle Cloud and will offer it as a modular SaaS solution based on a combination of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service and Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Service leveraging the fast, flexible and affordable compute capacity of OCI. With this, organizations will be able to more quickly and easily automate the entire air cargo lifecycle, including cargo capacity planning, sales, revenue management, ground cargo handling operations, management warehouses, freight and charters, customer services, freight revenue accounting and invoicing, according to an Oracle statement.

Oracle said the Wipro CROAMIS app will be on Oracle Cloud Marketplace by the end of 2021.

“Developing and deploying commercial software can be a complicated and expensive proposition. To be successful in the cloud, independent software vendors (ISVs) need extreme speed, security and scalability, as well as cost transparency, ”said Hwa Cheong Wong, VP- ISV, JAPAC, Oracle.

The dynamics of the global supply chain have undergone a significant transformation due to the pandemic. The gap between demand and capacity has been a serious problem and this has added tremendous cost pressure on the industry.

“Additionally, the shift to e-commerce requires goods to be moved quickly, which adds additional pressure on freight operators,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst, founder and CEO of Greyhound Research.