Union Pacific’s Big Boy Tour for the Spring Has Been Postponed

Written by David C. Lester, Editor

UP has postponed its Big Boy 4014 spring tour.

The age of the railway

We only cover steam and heritage activities when something really special happens, which is quite rare. However . . .

We announced on Tuesday that Union Pacific will be operating its Big Boy steam locomotive on a western tour slated to begin in late June. Therefore, we feel compelled to report that UP has postponed this tour, with a new date yet to be determined. Citing operational and supply chain congestion, UP decided to postpone the tour. Here is today’s Union Pacific press release:

Union Pacific today announced plans to postpone Big Boy #4014’s West Coast Steam Tour in order to focus efforts on reducing supply chain congestion. The tour was scheduled to depart Cheyenne, Wyoming on June 26.

“We know that many rail enthusiasts are planning their trip and communities are preparing to act as host, which is why we have made this decision now,” said Scott Moore, Senior Vice President – ​​Corporate Relations. companies and administrative director. “We have a duty to continue our efforts to reduce supply chain congestion and provide customers with the service they deserve; given the impact of a steam tour on our operations, this focus must be our priority.

“Union Pacific will communicate updated plans for a Steam Tour once service performance levels return to normal. For more information on the Big Boy and information on future tours, join the Union Pacific Steam Club at http://up.com/SteamClub.”

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