Top 5 Reasons to Book Luxury Villa Rentals Through Travel Advisors

Article written by Willie Fernandez, CMO, Rental Escapes. Fernandez’s experience in the travel industry spans over 30 years in the cruise, hotel, vacation and villa industries. He is an accomplished, award-winning digital marketer who has transformed some of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Over the past two years, the travel industry has experienced a season of hibernation due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as global travel restrictions and regulations continue to ease, there seems to be a universal desire to travel. As the travel industry rebounds, people are eager to embark on trips to reconnect with friends and family, in new and familiar destinations. In an effort to make up for lost time, travelers are increasingly yearning for over-the-top luxury vacation experiences, and even the most DIY-minded travelers are now turning to the trusted travel advisor community to turn their dreams into reality. in reality.

When it comes to luxury travel, travel advisors are known for personalizing the customer experience and exceeding expectations, which is exactly what people are looking for in today’s environment. There are endless benefits to using travel advisors, especially when it comes to luxury villa rentals. Here’s a look at the top five reasons to book luxury villa rentals through travel advisors.

Create unforgettable moments

Today’s travelers are primarily looking for one thing: to create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the moment they share a cocktail while dining above an active volcano, or the moment they float alongside a great white shark in South Africa when their fear turns to awe. When booking a luxury travel experience through a trusted travel advisor, travelers can truly live in the moment and savor in real time.

With a shared passion for delivering supreme guest experiences, Travel Advisors rely on trusted luxury villa rental providers to help them build dream vacations from start to finish. Their customers don’t have to deal with the overwhelming stress of planning their next excursion, coordinating complicated flight itineraries, having a relaxing home base with ample space, or ensuring reservations for the dinner are in place. With luxury villa rentals, travel advisors can rest assured that their clients will be pampered throughout their stay with unforgettable amenities such as in-villa spa treatments, gourmet kitchens, cinema rooms, private fitness classes, access to luxury cars, exceptional pools with jaw-dropping views and much more.

Personalization of unique opportunities

Travel advisors focus on providing unique opportunities for travelers. They take the time to fully understand each traveler’s dream, so they can customize every detail to meet their needs. If a traveler is interested in an epic adventure at sea, for example, a travel consultant can offer a variety of lavish excursions like chartering a private boat, booking a scuba diving adventure or a deep sea fishing trip.

The destination-specific first-hand knowledge that travel advisors have allows them to create extremely niche experiences for travelers regardless of their demand. Additionally, when travelers stay at a luxury villa rental, they often come with an array of dedicated staff who will take care of their every need and up the ante for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A highlight of this – and one of the most requested staffing options – is a private chef who will prepare incredible cuisine using high quality local ingredients.

Park Place Mansion in Florida, one of Rental Escapes villa rentals. (photo via Rental Escapes)

Navigation during the return trip

Experts call the summer of 2022 the “summer of travel chaos”. The travel industry is gearing up to resume after its long hiatus, and people are racing to plan vacation experiences around the world. During peak travel season, travel advisors can help navigate the chaos by managing travelers’ booking details and rearranging plans, while educating their clients every step of the way.

Throughout the pandemic, travelers have faced transportation cancellations, delays, or disruptions that marred their experiences. Travelers can avoid these pain points by booking through travel advisors, as they are equipped to create alternative plans and ensure smooth and seamless vacation experiences. Travel advisors maintain exclusive relationships with renowned travel partners and are able to recommend luxury villa rental providers who work hand-in-hand with the most reputable property management companies in each destination, to ensure a high level of confidence and commitment needed for the upcoming travel season.

Expert advice on rules and regulations

The rules and regulations that were introduced with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic have added a whole new area of ​​confusion to the travel industry, and the continued fluctuation has made it difficult for travelers to plan for vacations. Expert travel advisors constantly research the latest global health guidelines and provide in-depth knowledge of destination requirements, making it easier for travelers to understand.

Travel advisors can also leverage the industry-leading personal concierge services of luxury villa rental providers to communicate COVID-19 risk assessment by country to ensure every traveler is comfortable. . Luxury villa rental providers make recommendations that meet the needs and desires of each traveler, taking into account travel requirements, mask mandates and vaccination status for worldwide travel.

Elderly couple receiving professional consultation
Senior couple enjoying professional travel consultation. (photo via kate_sept2004/Getty Images)

Expertise in group travel

Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or in a group, travel counselors offer expertise in planning trips for everyone. Booking through a travel agent relieves the stress of those traveling in groups while on vacation so people can focus on spending time together.

With the average size of a villa rental group being eight to ten people, the expertise of the travel advisors allows them to make destination recommendations and comparisons to help the group find the perfect rental that meets the desires of each. Whether debating between Tulum and Cancun, Saint Martin and Sint Maarten, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios or Cap Cana and Casa de Campo, travel advisors are ready to help you plan vacations for groups of all sizes and to align the schedules of all members for optimal holidays. live.

As we look ahead to the much-anticipated summer of travel demand, there are an array of variables that can affect travelers’ vacation experiences. As the travel industry is flooded and travelers’ dreams continue to soar to new heights, travel advisors are trusted to deliver surreal experiences for travelers while ensuring vacations in luxury villas are safe, reliable and personalized – creating moments that will last a lifetime.