The Disney Wish Delay and Canceled Sailings: What Now?

The recent Disney Wish delay will impact those on the maiden voyage and for weeks beyond. Here’s what to do.

Those sailing the Disney Wish’s maiden voyage likely received a notification last week informing them of the Disney Wish delay.

February 3, 2022, Disney Cruise Line has announced that the June 9 Disney Wish maiden voyage will be rescheduled for July 14.

Since 12 crossings have been impacted, one wonders how Disney Cruise Line will manage the reservations of those who were already booked on these first crossings.

  • Will it drop *every* Disney Wish sailing 12 weeks?
  • What happened to canceled bookings?
  • How many bookings were affected?

Disney Wish’s Delayed Journey

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Disney reports that the delay of Disney Wish is due to the continued construction at Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany. With COVID-19 affecting the workforce, they will need a bit more time to put the finishing touches on the ship. Including welding three pieces of giant ships together.

Twelve trips have been canceled while the Disney Wish is enhanced for launch. All of these elements have been put together for a Bahamas cruise with a variety of itineraries.

Disney Wish Canceled Departures

  1. June 9 5 nights
  2. June 14 3 nights
  3. June 17 3- Night
  4. June 20 4 nights
  5. June 24 3 nights
  6. June 27 4 nights
  7. July 1 3 nights
  8. July 4 4 nights
  9. July 8 3 nights
  10. July 11 4 nights
  11. July 15 3 nights
  12. July 18 4 nights

If you have booked one of these Disney Wish cruises, your departure date will be cancelled. So how is Disney Cruise Line going to pay for all these canceled reservations?

Half-price maiden voyage

Guests booked on this first-ever maiden voyage will always be the first guests to set foot on the Disney Wish Deck…and at half price.

For those who can fit the date of the new maiden voyage into their schedule, this is a great advantage. A discount of this magnitude would be something I would tell my great-grandchildren before even mentioning the Aquamouse.

⚓Maiden Voyages on Disney Cruise Line usually come with commemorative perks, like special pins, lanyards, and even onboard events.

We can’t wait to see what the deck party will look like for the Disney Wish. You will have the excitement of the “First!” with all that anticipation built up from the delay. And for those who had booked for the maiden voyage, but cannot sail on the new date of July 14, Disney Cruise Line is offering 50% off a future cruise by December 31, 2023, or a full refund.

Those who have fully paid for their cruise can expect a 50% discount come in the form of onboard credits (did someone say Senses Spa?) or a full refund.

Disney Wish Delay Windfall

OK, so we’re all glad these lucky pirates on the Caribbean maiden voyage are getting their discount. But what about everyone who’s booked a Disney Wish cruise?

If you’ve booked one of the cruises above, Disney Cruise Line Cons could be your surprise ticket to a cheap cruise.

All guests who booked one of these canceled Disney Wish will also receive 50% off a future cruise by December 31, 2023, or a full refund.

Will this affect my next cruise?

This is NOT a total domino effect. The maiden voyage was delayed, but the rest of the dates from June to July 14 have been canceled, not bumped a few weeks as was the maiden voyage.

That means if you have booked a Disney Wish cruise from the departure date of July 22, 2022, your navigation will not be affected by the delay of the maiden voyage.

Disney Wish reservations have been closed while cancellation notices are worked out with current cruisers. But reservations will reopen on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Are you ready to book the Disney Wish?

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