The 2022 Guide to Hawaii Shipping, Air and Transportation

Hawaii’s Steadfast Shipping Industry

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), “Between December 2020 and December 2021, imports [to Hawaii] increased by $127 million (68.7%) from $184 million to $311 million. Major imports included petroleum products, cars, food, furniture and building materials. Although efforts are being made to increase the sustainability of the islands, more than 80% of the state’s food is currently imported.

Through technological innovation, environmental responsibility and dedicated customer support, the shipping industry has always delivered these essential items, keeping Hawaii’s store shelves well stocked as the world continues to navigate the ongoing pandemic and other supply disruptors like the war in Ukraine. Reliable and fast shipping is essential for the islands.

Celebrating its 140th anniversary, Matson has been shipping to and from Hawaii’s Steadfast marine industry since 1882. One of the company’s core values ​​is environmental stewardship. The company has invested $1 billion in its Hawaii service with the recent introduction of four new vessels with advanced environmental features and new electric cranes for its Sand Island terminal. Utilizing the latest green technologies, its new Kanaloa-class vessels designed specifically for service in Hawaii feature environmentally friendly twin-hull fuel tanks, a fuel-efficient hull design, ballast systems freshwater and the first Tier 3 dual-fuel engines to be deployed in container ships. serving ports on the west coast. Two of Matson’s vessels will soon be upgraded to run on LNG (liquefied natural gas). Len Isotoff, Senior Vice President, Pacific, said, “Matson is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet by 40% by 2030 and to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. “

Despite severe congestion at U.S. ports that contributed to widespread supply chain delays for much of the past year, Matson was able to maintain its schedules in Hawaii, thanks in large part to dedicated terminals and equipment. on the West Coast and in Hawaii. “Matson hasn’t canceled a single trip during the pandemic,” Isotoff says. “Thanks to the excellent teamwork of our shore employees and ship’s crews, ships continue to arrive three times a week like clockwork.”


Matson ensures on-time delivery of essential products to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia and the South Pacific Islands. It also operates the #1 expedited service from China to the West Coast of the United States. As a key supply chain partner, its reliable US-built, owned and operated vessels and assets can be used to continually replenish customer inventory.

“Matson has been doing this for 140 years in Hawaii. We understand the importance of our role in the local economy and take great pride in our relationships with our customers,” said Len Isotoff, Senior Vice President, Pacific. “With the fastest, most frequent and reliable service on the market, Matson also has the equipment and expertise to transport anything imaginable.”

Matson has invested $1 billion in recent years to upgrade its fleet and terminals in Hawaii. The company donates more than $1.5 million annually in cash and services to support the work of hundreds of nonprofit community organizations in Hawaii.

Celebrating 140 years of dedicated service to Hawaii, Matson remains deeply invested in providing the highest level of service to the islands for many years to come. Learn more about

Matson will expand into additional space on Sand Island when Pasha Hawaii moves to the new Kapalama terminal slated to open in 2024. Pasha Hawaii’s fleet is also expanding, with new vessels named after George Pasha, IV’s late parents, MV George III and Janet Marie. Entering the Hawaii/Mainland trade lane with Honolulu as her homeport, George III will be the first natural gas-powered container ship to service Hawaii, followed by Janet Marie. George Pasha, IV, President and CEO of Pasha Hawaii, said both ships “will exceed the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2030 standards for ocean-going vessels with near-zero sulfur emissions, reduced 99.9% reduction in particulate matter, a 90% reduction in nitrogen oxide and 25% less carbon dioxide compared to liquid petroleum fuels.These vessels benefit the environment” by running on natural gas, and energy conservation will be achieved with a state-of-the-art engine, optimized hull form and underwater propulsion system with a high-efficiency rudder and propeller.”

“I am so proud of the performance of our team in Hawaii and on the mainland – what I call invisible first responders – in ensuring the Hawaiian community had safe access to groceries, COVID- 19 and relief supplies – all with on-time deliveries,” says George Pasha, IV.

As pandemic restrictions continue to lift, Pasha strategically navigates the changes. “We continue to expand our service offerings for Hawaii and related markets, despite the many challenges that exist in today’s global environment. [like] rising fuel prices, war in Ukraine, COVID-19 related shutdowns and production delays,” says George Pasha, IV. “We demonstrate our resilience in smooth deliveries and excellent on-time results. Our customer survey scores are among the highest we have ever had, for which we are sincerely grateful, and we take as proof that we have to do something right.


Pasha Hawaii is a third-generation family business with island roots dating back to World War II. With over 450 employees, Pasha Hawaii is one of the nation’s leading national shipping companies, providing dedicated service to Hawaii from the continental United States. Today, Pasha Hawaii currently operates a fleet of six vessels from multiple port terminals, providing reliable door-to-door containerized and roll-on/roll-off services to Hawaiians.

Honolulu Freight Service (HFS) has made its customers a priority for 86 years. As Hawaii’s largest freight forwarder, the company offers fast freight movement on all scheduled sailings from West Coast ports (Tacoma, WA/Oakland, CA/Long Beach, CA) to Honolulu and all islands neighbours. HFS owns and operates its own trucking and warehousing service on Oahu, ensuring the best possible intra- and inter-island service available. Freight is never left out.

Raymond Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “We service every island on every sail and our entire company is actively engaged in communicating with our customers every day.”

The company’s trained transportation professionals are committed to providing the personalized quality of service that comes from being an experienced business leader. HFS’ ‘ohana culture has allowed it to grow with a talented and dedicated staff. This spirit of ‘ohana is evident every day in employee pride and an ever-growing customer base. Over the past several years, HFS has invested heavily in technology, trucks, properties, cold chain, various assets and personnel. Many staff members have been with HFS for over thirty years, a strong team that customers know and trust.

Rodriguez says, “We are always looking for ways to improve our four West Coast trucking companies and our large Oahu trucking divisions by analyzing our processes and testing the latest transportation technologies. We are in a constant state of refinement with all of our operations constantly seeking the smallest improvements to our already excellent service. There is always room to do better and our teams go there every day.

Throughout the pandemic, HFS has served its customers with worry-free transportation. Some of its key services offered include dry and refrigerated LCL and FCL, flat rack, project freight, Hawaii local trucking, eastbound service, freight consolidation program, and warehousing. Customer needs changed more than usual during the pandemic, and they needed help with storage, delivery scheduling, and shipping options. “There was no challenge our customers were facing that we couldn’t help them with. We are extremely proud of our employees and the spirit of ‘ohana, which was present throughout Honolulu Freight when so much uncertainty surrounded everyone. Difficult times are great opportunities to showcase the value we provide to our customers,” says Rodriguez.

Honolulu Freight Service

Honolulu Freight is a multimodal freight forwarder serving the Hawaiian Islands for over 86 years. We provide partial and full container shipping and offer dry freight pickup and delivery from anywhere in the United States to and from the Hawaiian Islands. Additionally, we offer refrigerated pickup and delivery from US West Coast port areas to Hawaii. HFS owns and operates one of Oahu’s largest trucking operations and diverse warehousing service, ensuring the best possible intra- and inter-island service available. We also have 4 West Coast terminals using the ports of Tacoma, Oakland and Long Beach. HFS is committed to providing our valued customers with excellent, efficient, and comprehensive transportation solutions to and from the Hawaiian Islands.