The 10 cheapest automatic cars to buy today in Argentina

To buy a 0 km car in Argentina already costs more than 2.3 million pesos (this is the base price, without taking into account surcharges or taxes), but to look for one con Automatic box there is only one below 3 million.

In this context, talking about new cars and calling them “cheap” may seem contradictory, but, after all, there is a list of vehicles that can be classified as the cheapest. According to official car manufacturer prices for the month of May, the ten cheapest automatic cars in the country are as follows:

  1. Toyota Etios XLS Package: $2,873,000
  2. Renault Sandero Intens CVT: $3,368,400
  3. Toyota Yaris XLS CVT: $3,471,000
  4. Nissan Versa Sense CVT: $3,479,400
  5. Fiat Cronos Precision: $3,500,200
  6. Fiat Pulse Drive CVT: $3,510,000
  7. Volkswagen Polo MSI Tiptronic: $3,531,400
  8. Peugeot 208 Active Tiptronic: $3,641,200
  9. Peugeot 2008 Feline Tiptronic: $3,641,200
  10. Citroën C4 Cactus Feel Pack Plus: $3,641,200

In all the cases mentioned, the price corresponds to the most accessible automatic version. Several of the models on this list have more equipped and therefore more expensive automatic options.

Please note: the values ​​mentioned in this note are those reported by car manufacturers in the official prices. According to a survey by TN-Autos, actual final purchase price at dealerships may vary by up to 80%.

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How the agencies have very few cars at their disposaldue to the import barriers imposed by the national government (this is to prevent the outflow of dollars) and the global microchip crisis (this is a key part of production which is in short supply), they are asking for exorbitant prices.

In this context, many people returned to take a look in the savings plans, a method historically widely used by Argentines to buy cars. The reason is clear: they allow you to buy a new vehicle at no extra cost, even if it comes with drawbacks such as delays in rewards and monthly adjustments to the price of the good.

Pick-ups, by air: they already cost 10 million

To buy a medium-sized pickup truck of domestic manufacture with a “full” (top-of-the-range) level of equipment, it is already necessary -in some cases- more than 10 million pesosaccording to the official tariffs of the car manufacturers.

The two Argentinian models above this value are precisely the most sold: the Toyota Hilux and the Volkswagen Amarokwhich occupy the first and second place in the ranking of patents in this segment.

  • Volkswagen Amarok V6: $10,234,000 (Tiptronic)
  • Toyota Hilux GR-S: $10,561,000
Toyota Hilux GR-S 2022.
Toyota Hilux GR-S 2022.

The other models in this category were left at the 10 million limit, but adding the costs of transport, patenting and the like to “put them on the street”, this figure at the time of purchase is surely exceeded.

  • Renault Alaskan Iconix 4×4 AT: $9,180,000
  • Ford Ranger Limited 4×4 AT: $9,620,000
  • Nissan Frontier Pro4X: $9,700,000
  • Chevrolet S10 4×4 AT HC: $9,528,900