Petrol prices in Delhi: petrol is Rs 8.56 per liter cheaper in Delhi after VAT cut | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The AAP government on Wednesday reduced the VAT (value added tax) on gasoline from 30% to 19.4%, marking the largest tax reduction ever made on fuel that will reduce the price at the pump of 8.56 Rs per liter from Thursday and will stop the business theft with neighbors UP and Haryana.
The reduction in VAT on gasoline will lower the cost of fuel to Rs 95.41 per liter in the capital from Rs 103.97, provided the prices at the pump remain unchanged as they have been over the years. Last 28 days. The AAP government raised on May 5, 2020 the VAT on gasoline from 3% to 30% in order to increase revenue to finance measures against Covid-19.

The revised gasoline price in Delhi will be 10 paise per liter cheaper than Noida and 15 paise less than Gurugram and Rs 1.21 than Faridabad. But it will be 12 paise more expensive than Ghaziabad. The prices in these neighboring cantons differ due to the difference in transport costs.
“We have made gasoline very cheap in Delhi from today. VAT rates have been reduced from 30% to 19.4%. Petrol and diesel will be cheaper in Delhi compared to other cities in the NCR. I hope this step will bring enormous relief to the people of Delhi against inflation, “tweeted Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
Diesel prices in Delhi are already the cheapest in the NCR at Rs 86.67 per liter, while prices in Noida and Gurugram are Rs 87.01 and Rs 87.11 per liter respectively.
Welcoming the decision of the Kejriwal government, Oil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted: “Glad the non-BJP states are also following the lead set by the central government. I call again on the other 6 non-BJP states to reduce VAT on fuel and provide relief for the people. ”
Traders hailed the move. Brijesh Goyal, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an organization of traders, said a group of gasoline pump owners wrote a letter to the Delhi government asking them to cut VAT. “The sale of gasoline pump dealers was down as the price of gasoline was higher in the capital compared to towns in the NCR while diesel prices were comparable. This will help increase the sales of these traders. “said Goyal.
As TOI first reported on November 11, gasoline sales in Delhi, the country’s largest auto market, had fallen by a quarter after common man’s fuel became cheaper by ‘around Rs 8 per liter in neighboring states as they cut VAT alongside a cut. in central excise duty.
On November 3, the Center reduced excise duties on petrol by Rs 5 per liter and diesel by Rs 10. After UP and Haryana reduced VAT, their petrol pumps in the Delhi area began. to attract vehicle owners from the capital. More than a quarter of Delhi’s 403 petrol pumps, which are located on or near the border with UP and Haryana, have particularly experienced a dramatic drop in sales.