Orange selects suppliers for European deployments of the 5G SA network

Orange has selected Ericsson, Nokia and Oracle Communications for the group’s 5G SA deployments in Europe

The French telecommunications group Orange has selected its suppliers for the deployment of 5G Standalone (5G SA) networks in its European footprint.

The telecom operator has selected Ericsson’s 5G SA core network for its network deployments in Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and Poland.

Meanwhile, Orange said Nokia’s 5G SA core network will be rolled out in France and Slovakia. Nokia’s subscriber data management has also been selected for rollout in all countries

In addition, the French telecommunications operator has selected Oracle Communications for 5G signaling and basic routing in all countries.

For the other functions of the network, in particular the radio, a software update of the existing equipment will be carried out, specifies Orange.

“The deployment of 5G SA solutions in Orange countries in Europe is a major step that will enable the future development of value-added, on-demand and personalized services for Orange customers in all sectors of the economy. For Orange, 2022 is a year of preparation, testing and deployment to facilitate commercial launches from 2023. Orange is mobilizing its experts and setting up a Network Integration Factory to test and validate technical chains, the performance of end-to-end and perform user testing,” the telecom operator said.

“5G SA brings increased performance in terms of uplink data rates for the end user and lower latency, and for enterprises, it meets the need for flexible, scalable, reliable and secure connectivity for online uses. real time. It will be possible to cut the Orange 5G network virtually, to prioritize certain sections to cover critical uses or specific needs and to offer different levels of quality and security.

The European operator also pointed out that 5G SA and network slicing will also allow Orange to develop its range of mobile private network solutions. “Depending on the needs of corporate customers, a first option is to create a virtual private network on the Orange public network. A second solution consists of creating a hybrid private network based on shared equipment on the Orange network and dedicated equipment at the customer’s premises for critical flows and data”, specifies Orange.

The technology is already available to learn, test and innovate with interested companies at Orange 5G Lab sites, and can be deployed globally on demand for B2B customers with private network solutions from Orange Business Services.

Orange initially launched commercial 5G services in 15 municipalities in France in early December 2020. The operator initially offered 5G NSA in France via frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band.