OMCO Solar increases domestic manufacturing of single-axis trackers

Photovoltaic Racking Supplier Solar CPSO invested $5 million to increase production of Origin Tracker torque tubes at its facilities in Indiana and Arizona. The company said the investment is an initiative to “provide an efficient and reliable national supply chain” for solar developers, EPCS and construction partners working in the United States.

Credit: OMCO Solaire

“Torsion tubes are the backbone of the solar tracker, and OMCO Solar is proud to be the only tracker manufacturer to manufacture its own in the United States,” said Gary Schuster, President and CEO of OMCO Holdings, the parent company of OMCO Solar. “In fact, we’re the only shelving and tracking company with all manufacturing locations in the United States, allowing for the highest level of flexibility and fastest turnaround times because we ship directly from our four US factories.”

The company hopes to help solar contractors avoid the extra freight costs associated with importing solar components. OMCO Solar has four facilities across the United States (Alabama, Arizona, Indiana and Ohio) backed by OMCO Holdings’ decades of steel fabrication experience.

Over the past year, OMCO Solar has shipped 1 GW of its factory-direct products, including its Field-Fast, OMCO Choice, and OMCO Origin mounting structures, to more than 30 states, resulting in solar projects in farms, schools, factories, municipalities and public services.

“OMCO Solar has always believed in the success of building a strong manufacturing base in the United States and remains committed to offering the best products made in the United States,” said Schuster. “We are committed to creating national jobs and helping to advance the American solar industry.”

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