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The competitors of RuPaul’s Drag Race come from all over the United States, each with their own origins and education. And every major city and region across the country has its own drag scene, with its drag queens representing the particular flavors of their scene. Unsurprisingly, New York is a city with a long drag history that has sent many of its iconic queens to the Drag race competetion.

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According to Free time, “The best drag queens in the world are called NYC home”. With its vast center of entertainment and art, it’s no wonder that many drag queens are starting their careers or choosing to settle in and around the Big Apple. But which New York queens stood out the most on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

ten pearl

From Brooklyn, New York, Pearl may remain an iconic queen not only for her skills, but also for being on dangerously thin ice with RuPaul. “Is there something on my face?” remains one of the most memorable quotes from Drag race, and fans still remember RuPaul’s very stern words: “Wake up, Pearl.”

But those words obviously gave the sleeping drag queen a wake-up call (with lifelong lip sync against fan favorite Trixie Mattel) as she became one of Season 7’s first three.

9 Bob the drag queen

Bob the Drag Queen RuPaul's Drag Race

Another Brooklyn queen is Bob the Drag Queen. Known for her political activism and sense of humor as well as her drag, Bob was quick to win the hearts of fans with her quick lines and excellent comedy. It’s no wonder she’s the winner of Season 8.

Perhaps his most iconic moment in Drag race is the very first queen to pose as two celebrities on the Snatch Game – Uzo Aduba and Carol Channing. Successful bet with one of the best RuPaul’s Drag Race Snatch Game performances in the history of the series and this earned him the coveted maxi-challenge.

8 Aquariums

At just 21 at the time of filming her season, Brooklyn-based Aquaria still holds the title of youngest. Drag race winner, having won the crown in Season 10. With Season 4 winner Sharon Needles as her drag mom, this makes the duo the first drag mom and daughter to both be winners on the show.

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But that’s not all. Aquaria is also the first queen in the series to win both the Balloon Challenge and the Snatch Game in the same season. Her fantastic impersonation of Melania Trump remains a favorite Snatch Game performance for many fans.

7 Sasha Velvet

Sasha Velor takes off her wig in RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 9 winner Sasha Velor was a standout contestant with her quirky aesthetic, her unique choice to be a “bald” drag queen (a loving tribute to her mother) and her vibrant personality. Sasha was a worthy contender, but she sealed her victory with the memorable rose petal reveal during lip-sync for the crown, a moment that remains one of the best Ruveals on RuPaul’s Drag race nowadays.

Sasha grew up in various parts of the United States, but moved to Brooklyn with her partner after discovering dating in Vermont while studying at the Center for Cartoon Studies. After developing her drag aesthetic in New York City, Sasha brought artistic sensibility and classic club-kid vibes to the show.

6 Miz Cracker

Miz Cracker Drag Race

Drag daughter of Bob the Drag Queen, Miz Cracker was one of the most popular contestants for Season 10, winning fans over with her comedy and mostly consistent performance throughout the challenges. From Harlem to New York, Miz Cracker said Here the magazine that “New York is objectively the best city for drag”.

Miz Cracker came in fifth in season 10, but she quickly appeared in season five of RuPaul All Stars Drag Race, where she performed very well and was a finalist alongside another fan favorite, Jujubee.

5 Pepper mint

Rupauls Drag Race Peppermint

Sasha Velor may have been the winner of Season 9, but runner-up Peppermint was equally worthy of the crown. A queen who deserves to come back for RuPaul All Stars Drag Race, Peppermint is a notable contender for having been the first to compete on Drag race as a transgender woman, and she was a fan favorite throughout the season.

Peppermint grew up in Delaware and Pennsylvania, but moved to New York City to study musical theater. She’s been in the Big Apple ever since and is one of the best and most famous drag queens in town.

4 Scarlet envy

Scarlet Envy in Drag Race All Stars 6

Pearl’s drag daughter, Scarlet Envy started out dragging in New York City, but it was her appearance in Season 11 of Drag Race that gave her career the kick-off it deserved. Her most memorable moment in the series was her excellent performance as an actress in the “Good God Girl, Get Out” challenge, in which she shared the victory with eventual winner of the season, Yvie Oddly.

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Having performed extremely well on the show, Scarlet’s debut “sashay away” came as a shock to many viewers. But all was not lost for her outraged fans, as Scarlet returned as a candidate on All stars 6.

3 Jan

Singer Jan wowed fans with her high school cheerleader enthusiasm, talent and energetic energy in Season 12. Despite this, she did not win any challenges during her time on Drag race, even the Madonna Rusical that she thought she was sure to win. His reaction to not winning the challenge created the “facial crack of the season” and became a viral meme on the internet.

Jan finally got his well-deserved victory for the “Halftime Headliners” challenge in the sixth season of All stars. It was also revealed in Season 13 that she was part of a group with the Season 13 runner-up and New York Queen Rosé.

2 Monét X Change

Perhaps one of the show’s most popular contestants is Monét X Change, dragster sister to Bob the Drag Queen. Crowned Miss Congeniality of Season 10 and co-winner of All stars 4 with Trinity the Tuck, Monét was often a stage thief whenever she was on screen.

Still, it might be the infamous terrycloth dress Monét made for one of the toughest challenges in the world. RuPaul’s Drag Race, “Drag on a Dime”, which sealed his fame and his status. The look had such an impact on pop culture that the official Twitter Spongebob Squarepants page has referenced her.

1 Bianca Del Río

One of the most popular, successful and iconic contestants of Drag race history is the queen of sarcastic comedy Bianca del Rio. Season 6 winner, Bianca overcame the competition with three wins max and an unforgettable Snatch Game performance as Judy Judy. Plus, not once has she had to lip-sync for her life.

Although born and raised in Louisiana, Bianca is best known as Queen of New York, having previously moved there. Drag race working in costumes and drag, having even played with the legendary queen Lady Bunny.

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