Mitchell 1 launches new service tools for truck maintenance

Mitchell 1, at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s 2022 Transportation Technology Annual Meeting and Expo in Orlando on Sunday, announced its next-generation electrical diagnostic software and time-tracking tool.

Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1, said the updates help better prepare technicians for the challenges ahead in servicing complex and technologically advanced vehicles, such as those equipped with vehicles with advanced systems. driver assistance systems (ADAS) or fully electric trucks (EV).

“We are also seeing a continued focus on the environment with cleaner diesel technology, as well as an increasing focus on electric drives – whether powered by huge battery banks or hydrogen fuel cells. “said Johnson, adding new features. will help technicians service advanced electronic vehicles, including added components, wiring, and circuitry they may not have seen before. “Thanks to these new technologies, service technicians will experience many events ‘for the first time’ in the repair shop without any experience to draw on. This means that front-line technicians will have to adopt a diagnostic strategy proven electronics to succeed in fleet repair and maintenance with these advanced technologies.

Johnson said that with the latest version of TruckSeries repair information, Mitchell 1 has added exclusive features to its wiring diagrams that save even more time when working on complex electrical issues, improving diagram navigation and making connectors, grounds and splices not only searchable but also interactive. .

Johnson also introduced Mitchell 1’s new suite of time tracking features for shops that service commercial trucks. Available in the Mitchell 1 Series Manager SE Truck, the software automatically generates productivity statistics as technicians enter and exit work operations, and also allows users to track and report the hours worked by employees in real time on mobile devices. New time tracking features, combined with new diagnostic tools, are designed to help workshops meet the challenges they face with the increasing electrification of commercial trucks.