Missing UPS trailers found full of packages, 3 arrested

Atlanta police arrested three people, whom they said they caught stealing UPS packages from a truck. Investigators said one of those arrested was a former UPS contract driver.

Investigators found two UPS trailers parked at the PETRO truck stop on Donald Lee Hollowell Drive. Police released body camera video of officers inside the trailers where they found hundreds of packages of all shapes and sizes. An officer can be heard saying “It’s like Christmas”.


Detectives said three people were found nearby, they said all three had items taken from the trailer. Opal Barrett, Robert Carter and Enrico Hacker have been arrested.

Investigators said Barrett was once a contract driver for UPS. They believe she gained access to both trailers and parked them at the truck stop.

Police said Barrett also owned Black Opal Cargo Solutions, a trucking company.

FOX 5 went to the address listed for Barrett’s company. It turned out to be a courier company.

“We take people’s mail and packages, they can pick them up or have them forwarded wherever they are,” said the woman who answered the door, named Tricia.

Tricia said she had met Barrett before. She watched the video released by the police and was stunned.

“I’m sure some of our packages that customers complained they didn’t receive were probably in there!” Tricia said.

She also said that being in the mail business, she couldn’t understand how UPS didn’t know where the trailers and packages were.

“With the way the tracking is done, how do they not know? So many packages. It’s not like it’s a smaller truck. A small truck has a lot of packages but not like an 18 wheeler in would have,” Tricia said.

Investigators do not know how long the trucks had been parked at the truck stop, but according to police, UPS company security attended the truck stop and confirmed that the trucks had been missing for several months.

Opal Barrett, Robert Carter and Erico Hacker

Opal Barrett, Robert Carter and Erico Hacker (Fulton County Sheriff’s Office)

Opal Barrett, Robert Carter and Enrico Hacker are all charged with breaking into a car and stealing while taking.