Melbourne-Brisbane inner rail to cut freight costs: CSIRO report

Queensland, a net consumer of freight, will realize the greatest savings in terms of cost reduction from the switch from road to rail.

The 1,700km rail link, which was agreed to by the Turnbull government at the request of Nationals, was most recently singled out by Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce as a contributor to climate change mitigation.

Mr Joyce said each of the 150 semi-trailers taken off the road used 600 liters of diesel.

“Shifting freight from road to rail will reduce the cost of moving goods and cargo to ports and make it easier to sell products, like coal, that underpin our standard of living,” he said. he stated about the CSIRO report.

“Reducing freight costs for businesses and industries along the route means they can grow and hire more Australians, helping regional economies grow in the future.”

The release of the report coincides with a call from the Transport Workers Union for targeted relief for truckers in the face of soaring diesel prices.

Diesel soared to $2.30 a litre, prompting the union to warn that lives are at risk due to the extremely thin margins operators are currently operating on.

“A lack of regulation to ensure rising operating costs are absorbed by wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies at the top of supply chains means the federal government must step in to prevent owner-operators from going bankrupt. or being forced to take deadly shortcuts to make ends meet,” the union said in a statement.

“Whether through fuel excise cuts or a subsidy program for struggling transportation companies, the federal government must map and track exactly how aid will mitigate the existential threat to businesses and the deadly pressures on drivers.