Lock Haven University Adds International Sports Management Track | Way of life

LOCK HAVEN – The Sports Studies Department at Lock Haven University has introduced a new graduate course in Sports Science, a concentration in International Sports Management. This is one of the three streams offered at LHU and the courses are taught by graduate professors from the department. {/ span}

The 30-credit track is now in its first full year, meeting online, with plans to have face-to-face or hybrid course options in the future.

New courses include Sports in the Global Market, the International Sports Organization, and the Global Football Industry. Students take an in-depth look at events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, and major topics such as corruption, doping, mega-events, and tourism.

“We are building on the need and desire to continue to grow with the sports industry, which is increasingly global,” said Dr. Dain TePoel. “In addition, International Sport Management allows us to tap into the existing strengths we have with faculty in the areas of sports studies, leisure management, business and finance.”

Professor Peter Campbell, chair of the sports studies department, said the addition of the new track will provide more opportunities for the success of LHU students. “We can now help our students explore work experiences internationally, as well as opportunities here in the United States,” he added.

In the fall of 2019, LHU launched an educational partnership with Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, better known as “Wolves”, a standout team in the English Premier League. The partnership allows both parties to send members to work in their teams.

When LHU teamed up with the Wolves, the students were able to work directly in their sports marketing class. The students learned the facets of the international sports business from a leading club in social media marketing, and in turn, the students helped Wolves learn about the perspectives of American sports fans.

For one project, a group of students created a local Lock Haven fan club for Wolves, nicknamed “WolverHaven”. Hunter Confair, 2021 Sport Management graduate, has been named club president.

“It was great to see an up and coming football team branch out into America and reach out to Lock Haven,” said Confair. “I had Zoom meetings with their manager, Alan Perrins, to discuss where they should market so they can get the most for their money. We have also been invited to participate in ‘Premier League Live’ on NBC Sports Network in Philadelphia. There we were going to work on marketing and promotional events for Wolves and watch the club play.

Unfortunately, the event was canceled just weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak.

The students had other plans, including organizing and coordinating a soccer clinic for youth in Lock Haven and surrounding areas. “We would have two Wolves players who would come and teach the kids how to play fundamental football and would have the chance to go and play abroad if they were selected,” Confair said.