LG Wing owners get a welcome update on Verizon

What do you want to know

  • Verizon is releasing a new update for the LG Wing.
  • The Wing is now certified to operate on Verizon’s C-Band 5G network for faster data speeds.
  • The update also includes the April security update, although Android 12 is nowhere to be found.

At millions of For many LG Wing owners on Verizon, a new update is rolling out that users will want to install as soon as possible for better 5G coverage and faster network speeds.

The update was released on Monday and certifies that the LG Wing works on Verizon’s C-Band network, or what it calls 5G Ultra Wideband. It’s the last phone to get network access, and it’s a welcome update for LG Wing owners who kept their phone long after LG exited the smartphone market.

C-Band is the coveted midband 5G spectrum that offers improved speeds over Verizon’s low-band 5G while providing better coverage than the mmWave 5G the carrier has relied on so much. The operator has made significant purchases of C-band spectrum to bolster its network and challenge the top 5G plans on T-Mobile.

The update also includes the April security patch, making it the third security update released by Verizon for the phone in 2022.

Unfortunately, Android 12 is still nowhere to be found for the dual-screen swivel phone. LG has already started updating select devices in the US and other regions to Android 12, following its promise to deliver up to three major OS updates for phones launched after 2019. The Velvet and LG V60 are among those phones, both launching in 2020, so we expect the LG Wing won’t be too far behind.

To manually update the wing, navigate to Settings > Software Updates > Check for New System Update. You can also wait for the notification to show when the OTA update is ready for you. Verizon tells us the rollout has already begun and is expected to continue through the next week, although our unit has already received it.

This is great news for LG Wing owners on Verizon, but it comes just as Verizon is about to raise prices on its plans.