Letter to the Editor: Celebrating Llanberris Athletics Reserve | The mail


It makes sense to move the Llanberris Reserve completely to the Showgrounds site. This can be done inexpensively and in a way that complements the development and use of Mars Stadium. TELL ME BELOW. A new athletics reserve could make Mars Stadium’s new Gate 2 entrance co-use as the future main public entrance to the Athletics Center as well as the new public toilet block at the southern end of Mars Stadium dual-use to support the athletic center. RELATED COVERAGE: Construction of a new athletics center would include a new track to international standards, a new athletics club pavilion incorporating an observation deck and lighting could possibly be the Mars Stadium towers that will soon be replaced and reused to provide high-intensity lighting at the athletic center. Another advantage of having a new athletics center on the Showgrounds site is that it would likely incorporate parking for 250 cars which would be dual purpose for Mars Stadium. It makes more sense to relocate the Athletics Center from the city due to the possibility of maximizing the dual use of existing resources and amenities (gates, toilets, lighting and parking) which would result in an overall reduction in construction costs and ongoing maintenance of the facilities while maximizing their use. Finally, during the Games there will need to be some sort of media center adjacent to the Mars Stadium, either the new Athletics club pavilion or perhaps the CE Brown reserve pavilion would be suitable after some modification. I’m talking dollars and common sense. Clint Crout, Seymour.