Kratos Software-Defined Satellite Ground System Gets Satellite Network Nod


June 03, 2022

Lisa Daigle

Associate Editor

Military embedded systems

SAN DIEGO. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has announced that its OpenSpace ground-based satellite platform has been selected by satellite service provider Intelsat as a key part of its next-generation ground and space network.

According to the price announcement, Intelsat said it was looking for a standards-based software-defined platform that would quickly adapt to changes at the spatial layer to deliver services where and when they are needed and take supports migration to 5G technologies.

Kratos’ software-defined OpenSpace platform, Intelsat said in the release, will be able to instantiate carrier-grade services in minutes instead of the weeks or even months typically required with traditional terrestrial-based systems. equipment. As part of the OpenSpace system, signal processing runs in software and all services are deployable at scale on off-the-shelf generic computers without the need for additional hardware acceleration, such as programmable gate arrays on the field (FPGA) or graphics processing units (GPUd) . The companies further said that the platform will also support 5G and non-terrestrial network functionality once a new standard is established.

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