FC Halifax Town: ‘I hope we can maintain that mantra of two points per game’ – Wild on Weymouth, stay on track and build strength from depth

Wild Pete. Photo: Marcus Branston

Wild has repeatedly preached the importance of his team picking up enough points to achieve a two-point-per-game ratio, which he hopes will be enough to secure promotion, and has been over the last three seasons the National League has been completed.

The Shaymen have 54 points from 28 games, so wins in their next two games, against wrestlers Weymouth and Dover, would come away with 60 points from 30 games.

When asked if this was a must-play game to stay on track with his goal, Wild replied, “Of course it is, but some would say they’re all now becoming games ‘can’. -we get a result “.

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“We’re going to go there to try to win the game, not for the point, like we do every game, and hopefully we can maintain that two points per game mantra.”

But despite Weymouth’s perilous position in the league – nine points from safety with 14 games remaining – Wild expects a tough afternoon.

“Since the new manager (David Oldfield) took over, they look a lot more athletic, a lot more resilient,” Wild said.

“He has five positive results out of nine, against very good teams as well.

“So they’ve had a recovery from misfortune and you can see their compactness. They still have their footballers, they’re a good team of footballers, but he’s given them real resilience out of possession, and I’ve seen only watch them this week.”

When asked what kind of game he expects on Saturday, Wild said: “I think it’s going to be a really tough game there.

“They really look like they’ve galvanized and they’re here for the fight, and you can see that from the results they get against decent teams.

“I think it will be a good game of football because they haven’t turned away from football.

“I think it will be tight, it will be tight and it could go either way.”

Assessing his own squad at the moment, Wild said: “We have a lot of strength in depth, we found a way to win on Saturday against a team that tried to frustrate us.

“Other than the chance where Mason-Clark came through, they never seemed like a threat, we defended when we had to, we had a lot of possession and we got another result which was great.

“The boys were away on Monday, it’s been a long month for them, but they were back on Tuesday and everyone was lively.

“One thing I like to see is everyone doing extras, the players who didn’t play on Saturday were doing their run and making sure they stayed at the level they needed.

“Everyone is well placed and what I like to see is that everyone looks very professional.

“They know what they have to do, everyone is desperate to get into the team, so it’s a good place for a manager.

“It’s also a tough place for a manager because you have to disappoint people, but it’s a good place for us in terms of everyone desperate to be in the team and in the squad.”

Wild says his message to Town players ahead of Saturday’s game will be to come out on top in the competition.

“We have to be us, control football in possession and out of possession, we have to be strong, we have to be compact when we have to be, and we have to not let them in on their rhythm, and if they do, we have to be strong with football and try to break them every chance we get,” he said.

Wild have confirmed Kieran Green as their only player out with injury this week.

“Some of them are going to miss through no fault of their own, it’ll be just what I need on the bench, and the people who are in the team, it’s up to them to keep the shirt and prevent others to come in,” Wild said of competing for spots on his team.

“We’ll see how they train this week and see how they do, but it’s about what’s good for the team and what’s good for the team.

“It’s what I get paid for and I’ll make those decisions based on how I’ve watched them all week.”

On Green’s recovery from injury, Wild said: “He’s running, he’s done a bit of dribbling with the ball this week so hopefully he can continue to improve this week and we’ll see where we are. .”