End of divisions, upcoming planning format changes for the ACC?

Changes could be coming to the ACC this week, according to a report from ESPN’s Pete Thamel. According to the reporter’s tweet, the ACC could be considering a variety of options that could inevitably upend the conference planning system. All of the following options are mentioned by Thamel, who the conference is due to talk to over the phone and will consider when they meet later this week. These changes could all come as early as 2023.

One of the biggest rumbles in college football in recent years has been the end of splits. The ACC actually had that in 2020, when COVID-19 forced the conference to change its schedule. If the league were to do that, it would be to change the schedule. Currently, teams play each division team every year, but it can take an incredibly long time to play against a team from the other division. For that to happen, the NCAA will have to get rid of the conference division requirement it currently has as part of its bylaws, which could change soon.


Thamel goes on to say that the ACC could change its schedules in a number of ways. In one proposal that was discussed, teams would play a rotating group of teams and have two fixed “rivals” who would always be on their schedule. In another, the “rivals” would be increased to three. Regardless of this change, it would give teams the ability to compete against each other much more frequently than they currently do.


Obviously, there are a lot of benefits here for Boston College if the scheduling system were changed. Most likely if there were two to three “rivals”, the Eagles would draw a combination of Syracuse, Pitt, UVA and Virginia Tech. Clemson would then become a turning opponent, thus giving BC an easier route to the ACC Championship Game. If there were no more divisions and the top two teams contested the championship game, BC might have a chance to come out on top if they could improve on the field. That being said, not everything would be easy for British Columbia. There are other teams like Pitt and Miami, BC teams have played infrequently, are also on the rise and could also be tough.

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