DuBois sweeps season opener on track | Sports

ST. MARYS — DuBois track teams opened the season in dominant fashion on Tuesday, sweeping a triple meet at Elk County Catholic that also included DuBois Central Catholic.

The DuBois boys won 15 of 18 events in a lopsided 108-38 victory over ECC and beat DCC by a bigger margin of 126-19. The Lady Beavers also picked up a pair of lopsided wins, upsetting the host ECC 110-40 and DCC 118-31.

The Beavers were powered by seniors Erich Benjmain, AC Deemer and Luke Sturrock, all of whom had four wins in total that day. Fellow senior Joey Foradora was a three-time winner.

Benjamin owned the day’s sprints, winning the 100 (11.4) and 200 (23.5) dashes. He edged teammate Jaedon Yarus by 0.10 seconds in the 100m and ECC’s Nicklous Cherry by 0.50 seconds in the 200m.

He was also part of two relay wins for the Beavers. Benjamin ran the 4×100 relay team anchor run (45.4) behind the trio of Sturrock, Yarus and Derraick Burkett. He also teamed up with Deemer, Ryan White and Foradora to finish the encounter with a victory in the 4×400 (3:50.3).

Sturrock earned three individual firsts in the 110 hurdles (17.2), long jump (15-8 1/2) and triple jump (38-7) to go along with victory in the 4×100.

As for Deeemer, he completed the always difficult double in the 800 (2:10) and 3200 (11:09) races and was part of the relay wins in the 4×800 opening and 4×400 closing relays. He teamed up with Foradora, Rudy Williams and Ryan White to win the 4×800 in 9:15.

In addition to her two relay victories, Foradora claimed first place in the 1600m (4:51). Yarus also picked up an individual victory on the grid, sprinting to victory in the 400m (56.6). He finished second to Deemer in the 800 against ECC.

Other Beavers to pick up victories in the field events were Ja’Reese Stowe (shot put, 35-10), Andrew Shaffer-Doan (high jump, 5-10) and Burkett in the pole vault (8 -0).

DuBois secured second place on White’s track (1,600; 3,200), while James Becker (shooting, javelin), Carson Dombroski (discus) and Drew Gudalis (high jump) earned second places in their respective tests.

“We had great weather for the start of the season today and the guys performed really well,” Beavers coach Brian Clinger said. “Erich Benjamin had a good day in the sprints and led this group with four wins, while Luke Sturrock did a great job in the jumping events and also took a victory in the 110 hurdles.

“Our deep group of distance runners also scored a lot of points for us, led by senior AC Deemer, Joey Foradora and Ryan White. We’ve had other athletes stepping up and winning for us and performing well. All in all, it was a great opening meeting for us.

Elk County got a pair of field wins from elder James Foradora, who won the discus (107-2 1/2) and javelin (114-11). His sophomore teammate Bobby Urmann earned the team’s third victory in the 300 hurdles (46.5).

Joseph Toncich was second in the 110 and 300 hurdles, while Tom Dippold (400), Tim Brannock (long jump) and Luke Jansen (triple jump) also finished second.

On the girls’ side, DuBois controlled both competitions and earned 12 total wins, while ECC and DCC took four and two respectively.

Sophomore Morgan Roemer led the Lady Beavers with four first-place finishes, while junior Gabby Horner had three. Sophomores Kamryn Fontaine and Lauren Stroka were each double winners.

Roemer dominated the distance events, winning the 800 (2:32), 1,600 (5:59) and 3,200 (12:25.1) while anchoring the competition-opening 4×800 relay to victory in 10:42.4. She was joined in this team by Morgan Rothrock, Delaney Yarus and Sidney Beers.

Horner spent a day in the sprint events, crossing the finish line first in the 100 (13.4) and 200 (28.4) dashes. She also ran the return leg of the triumphant Lady Beavers 4×100 relay team (54.4) which also included Jaylee Battaglia, Peyton Grimm and Stoka.

Fontaine easily won both hurdles events, posting a 16.3 in the 100 and 49.6 in the 300, while Stroka added a victory in the long jump with a jump of 15-3 1/2. Madelyn Crabtree (high jump, 4-10) and Sarah DeFazio (pole vault, 7-6) added wins for the Lady Beavers.

DuBois got individual seconds from Abby Geist-Salone (100 and 300 hurdles), Stroka (100 dash), Leah McFadden (400), Grimm (long jump), Sydney Peace (pole vault), Rylee Wadding ( disc) and Mackenzie Prouty (javelin).

“First and foremost it was just nice to finally have a competition under our belt, and the good weather was just a bonus,” said Lady Beavers coach Scott Sullivan. “It certainly didn’t take long for Morgan Roemer to get over it. After winning the James Manners Award (D9 MVP) in Districts last year, she came out smoking on our season debut. Taking the transfer as anchor in the 3200 meter relay, she was behind ECC by a good 70-80 meters.

“I’m sure most parents and fans thought the race was over, but after running a split time of 2:23.9 for her 800m, she blew through the competition as she raced down the straight to secure. victory. That would have been pretty impressive, but then she added 3 more firsts in the 1600 meters, 800 meters and finally the 3200 meters. She was simply dominant!

“The other distance runners also had a good opening encounter. Sidney Beers had a career-best 800 split with Delaney Yarus and Morgan Rothrock. Nicole Wells raced her first track competition of her career and excelled in the middle distance races just behind teammate Leah McFadden, who put in a strong performance.

“Kamryn (Fontaine) picked up where she left off last season, dominating both hurdle races. She’s been on a strength training regimen since last summer and it didn’t take long for her hard work to pay off, achieving scores of 16.3 and 49.9 in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles. Abby Geist-Salone and Abbie McCoy also had career-best times in their two hurdle races to help DuBois earn 17 of 18 points in the hurdle races.

“Our sprinters showed a lot of depth today,” Lady Beavers assistant coach Justin Marshall said. “Gabby (Horner) took three wins and a third in the long jump, while Peyton (Grimm) and Lauren (Stroka) placed in each of their four events. I think Jaylee (Battaglia) had a great encounter, with a PR in the 100 (13.6) and a first race for the winning relay. All four runs of this relay went 1-4 in the 100, which is great to see.

Elk County’s four Catholic wins have come on the field.

Lady Crusader Tori Newton won the shot put (31-7 1/2) and the javelin (96-6), while Sami Straub won the triple jump (32-5 1/2) and Kirsten Roberts the discus ( 79-0) .

Faith Jacob of DuBois Central Catholic was the big winner in the 400m (no time available), while the Lady Cardinals 4×400 relay team closed out the competition with a second-place finish in 4:27.7. Names were not available for this relay team.

DuBois is back in action Friday at the Latrobe Invite, while DCC and ECC are at the Brookville Invite on Saturday.

Relay 4×800 –1. DuBois (Joey Foradora, Rudy Williams, AC Deemer, Ryan White), 9:15; 2. CEC.

110 hurdles –1. Luke Sturrock (D), 17.2; 2. Toncich (ECC); 3. Chicihava (D).

100 dashes –1. Erich Benjamin (R), 11.4; 2. Yarus (D); 3. Burkett (D).

1,600 routes –1. Joey Foradora (D), 4:51; 2. White (D); 3. Roemer (D).

400 dashes –1. Jaedon Yarus (D), 56.6; 2.Dippold (ECC); 3. Kang (ECC).

Relay 4×100 –1. DuBois (), 45.4; 2. CEC.

300 hurdles –1. Bobby Urmann (ECC), 46.4; 2. Toncich (ECC); 3. Hook (D).

800 stroke -1. AC Deemer (D), 2;10; 2.Foradora (D); 3. Williams (D).

200 dashes –1. Erich Benjamin (D), 23.5; 2. Cherry (ECC); 3. Yarus (D).

3,200 routes -1. AC Deemer (D), 11:09; 2. White (D); 3. Roemer (D).

Relay 4×400 –1. DuBois (), 3:50.3; 2. CEC.

Shot put -1. Ja’Reese Stowe (D), 35-10; 2. Becker (D); 3. J. Foradora (ECC).

Disc -1. James Foradora (ECC), 107-2 1/2; 2. Dombroski (D); 3. Becker (D).

Javelin -1. James Foradora (CEC), 114-11; 2. Becker (D); 3. Stowe (D).

Triple jump –1. Luke Sturrock (D), 38-7; 2.Jansen (ECC); 3. Dombroski (D).

Long jump –1. Luke Sturrock (R), 18-8 1/2; 2.Brannock (ECC); 3. Cherry (ECC).

High jump –1. Andrew Shaffer-Doan (D), 5-10; 2. Gudalis (R); 3. Cherry (ECC).

Pole Vault –1. Derraick Burkett (D), 8-0.

Relay 4×800 –1. DuBois (Morgan Rothrock, Delaney Yarus, Sidney Beers, Morgan Roemer), 10:42; ECC.

100 hurdles –1. Kamryn Fountain (D), 16.3; 2. A Geist-Salone (D); 3. McCoy (D).

100 dashes –1. Gabby Horner (D), 13.4; 2. Stroke (D); 3. Battle (D).

1,600 routes –1. Morgan Roemer (D), 5:59; 2. S. Bille (ECC); 3. G. Ball (ECC).

400 dashes –1. Leah McFadden (D), 2. Wells (D); 3. Neubert (ECC).

Relay 4×100 –1. DuBois (Jaylee Battaglia, Gabby Horner, Peyton Grimm, Lauren Stroka), 54.4; 2. CEC.

300 hurdles –1. Kamryn Fountain (D), 49.6; 2. A. Geist-Salone (D); 3. Straub (ECC).

800 stroke -1. Morgan Roemer (D), 2:32; 2. S. Bille (D); 3. Beers (D).

200 dashes –1. Gabby Horner (R), 28.4; 2.Grimm (D); 3. Sloff (ECC).

3,200 routes -1. Morgan Roemer (R), 12:25.1; 2. Neubert (ECC); 3. Rothroc (D).

Relay 4×400 –1. DuBois, 4:30 a.m.; 2. CEC.

Shot put -1. Tori Newton (ECC), 31-7 1/2; 2. A. geci (ECC); Roberts (ECC).

Disc -1. Kirsten Roberts (ECC), 79-0; 2. Wadding (D); 3.Marzullo (ECC).

Javelin -1. Tori Newton (ECC), 96-6; 2. Prouty (D); 3.Marzullo 9ECC).

Triple jump –1. Sami Straub (ECC), 32-5 1/1; 2. Stroke (D); 3. Vacuum cleaner (D).

Long jump –1. Lauren Stroka (R), 15-3 1/2; 2.Grimm (D); 3. Horner (D).

High jump –1. Madelyn Crabtree (D), 4-10; 2. I. Geist-Salone (D); 3. Straub (ECC).

Pole Vault –1. Sarah Defazio (D), 7-6; 2. Peace (D); 3. Jones (H), 7-0.


Relay 4×800 –1. DuBois (Morgan Rothrock, Delaney Yarus, Sidney Beers, Morgan Roemer), 10:42; CDC.

100 hurdles –1. Kamryn Fountain (D), 16.3; 2. A Geist-Salone (D); 3. McCoy (D).

100 dashes –1. Gabby Horner (D), 13.4; 2. Stroke (D); 3. Battle (D).

1,600 routes –1. Morgan Roemer (D), 5:59; 2. Schmader (CDC); 3. Yarus (D).

400 dashes –1. Faith Jacob (DCC); 2. McFadden (D), 3. Wells (D).

Relay 4×100 –1. DuBois (Jaylee Battaglia, Gabby Horner, Peyton Grimm, Lauren Stroka), 54.4; 2. CDC.

300 hurdles –1. Kamryn Fountain (D), 49.6; 2. A. Geist-Salone (D); 3. Stern (DCC).

800 stroke -1. Morgan Roemer (D), 2:32; 2. Beers (D); 3. O. Dressler (D).

200 dashes –1. Gabby Horner (R), 28.4; 2. Jacob (CDC); 3. Grimm (D).

3,200 routes -1. Morgan Roemer (R), 12:25.1; 2. Rothroc (D).

Relay 4×400 –1. CDC, 4:27.7; 2. Wood.

Shot put -1. Bloom (CDC), 29-6; 2. Carney (D); 3. Stevens (R).

Disc -1. Rylee Wadding (D), 77-1; 2. Schmader (CDC); 3. Elensky (DCC).

Javelin -1. Prouty (D), 90-1; 2. Allen (D); 3. Schmader (DCC).

Triple jump –1. Lauren Stroka (R), 31-3; 2. Vacuum cleaner (D); 3. Final (D).

Long jump –1. Lauren Stroka (R), 15-3 1/2; 2.Grimm (D); 3. Horner (D).

High jump –1. Madelyn Crabtree (D), 4-10; 2. Jacob (CDC); 3. I. Geist-Salone.

Pole Vault –1. Sarah Defazio (D), 7-6; 2. Peace (D); 3. Jones (H), 7-0.