Delhi customs officials make big breakthrough, seize huge batch of diamonds from India

New Delhi: On December 16, 2021, Delhi Customs Service achieved great success. Delhi customs officials recovered a large consignment of diamonds shipped from India. According to reports received from the authorities, the total weight of this shipment of diamonds is 1,082 carats and would be worth Rs 1.56 crore. The investigation of the case has been opened.

The finance ministry said on Friday that officials from the Air Cargo Export Commission had ordered an investigation into a shipment of 5,000-priced plastic patches if suspected. When this plastic hot fix shipment was examined, packets of cut and polished diamonds emerged from within. When officers suspected that they had removed the plastic patch packet and opened it, packets of diamonds came out from inside. A patch was also stuck on the diamonds to hide them. According to officials, the recovered diamonds are priced at Rs 1.56 crore. It appears to be sending diamonds out of the country hiding them in air freight packages.

Delhi customs officials reported that there was a plan to send packages of diamonds to Hong Kong with plastic patches. But over time, the plot was foiled. It remains to be seen whether any arrests have been made. An investigation has been opened into the whole affair.

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