Ask SAM: What kind of snowplow was on the front page of the January 17 Journal? | Local News

Responnse: Yes that is correct. The Forsyth County Department of Public Health and the Forsyth County Department of Social Services each received 36,600 masks for a total of 73,200 masks.

They were distributed to the public through community partner organizations and the two county departments. The distribution began on January 18 and was limited to four per person and eight per household.

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Both departments are running out of masks and will not be receiving another order, said Todd Luck, a Forsyth County spokesman.

Q: Why hasn’t Kenny Beck been on the WXII news?

Responnse: Michelle Butt, the president and CEO of WXII, told us where Beck was.

“Kenny has been under the weather; take time to rest and return just in time for the winter storm.

“Of course, he was also on vacation, so it feels like he’s gone forever! We’re excited to see him back on the desktop, and so are our viewers.

Salvation Army coat handoverBob Campbell, director of marketing and public relations for The Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem, let us know that the Salvation Army distributes coats to anyone in need.