A leader in innovation in Africa, MTN has carried out key trials of autonomous networks with Huawei

Recently, the MTN Group completed two trials including the Smart IP Private Line Solution and the Sleeping Cell Self-Healing Solution over South Africa’s Live Networks for the first time in December 2021, which are also the first time on the African continent. This marks a new milestone for MTN in terms of network autonomy and intelligence capacity, and strengthens MTN ?? s ?? Ambition2025 ?? strategy.

Self-healing solution for sleeping cells with automation of inter-domain failures
Based on the Huawei Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution, MTN announced the deployment of highly innovative use cases in MTN South Africa Johannesburg for self-repair of sleeping cells with automation of cross-domain failures for radio access network services.

    Sleeping Cells Automated monitoring, detection, diagnosis and recovery
    In the past, operating personnel were unable to detect a cell-level failure due to sleeping cells, resulting in poor service response or even downtime of the service for an unknown cause. . Sleeping Cell Self-Healing Solution automates the monitoring, detection, diagnosis and recovery of sleeping cells. Over 80% of poor service issues due to sleeper cell issues were resolved after the solution was deployed.

    Automating cross-domain failures increases operational efficiency
    In day-to-day operation and maintenance, it can be difficult for NOC operations staff to locate network faults very often. It took time to understand the root cause of the problem remotely. Therefore, in most cases, the NOC manager needs to send engineers to the site to troubleshoot issues manually. With large wireless site outages, it is difficult for engineers to locate the problem and determine if the problem is in the wireless, transmission, or other areas, even during on-site operations.

    The cross-domain fault automation capability is able to automatically diagnose the majority of alarms and analyze the root cause of problems in all domains and manage to reduce resolution time from 1 hour to 15 minutes after implementation.

The sleeping cell self-healing solution not only helps MTN to avoid revenue loss, but also increases operational efficiency and strengthens the capacity of network intelligence and automation, which allows MTN to ” accelerate the progress of digital transformation.

Smart IP private line solution
Connection and IT are the foundation of the digital economy. With the continuous improvement of network capabilities, cloud-based life and services are intertwined with everyone and businesses. The cloud industry is a new blue ocean in Africa, MTN Group has started its strategic deployment in this area a long time ago. Based on the MTN Ambition 2025 network strategy and “CASSI” as the delivery framework, MTN aims to create a new cloud-oriented network architecture and an agile non-blocking support network.

Based on the Huawei Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution, the live network test of the intelligent IP private line solution has completed a series of cases, including one-stop service delivery, SLA assurance at the level of the tenant, the extension of capacity on demand and proactive O&M.

    One-stop contactless service provisioning
    Once the hardware is installed, the CPE can go online by automatically generating configurations, eliminating the need for complicated software configuration. In addition, one-stop service delivery based on SRv6 technology enables the CPE to implement plug-and-play.

    Topology service implements intelligent network resource planning
    MTN is also an operator actively adopting new SRv6 technology. SRv6 offers unparalleled advantages in improving the programmability of the bearer network, rapid service delivery and coordination between domains. Based on Huawei iMaster NCE, MTN demonstrated intelligent path selection based on different SLA requirements on the live network.

    Self-service for tenants and proactive maintenance of the NOC
    NOC engineers can use iMaster NCE to flexibly adjust the bandwidth of private line services to achieve real-time bandwidth acceleration or decrease. The solution introduces telemetry and iFIT technologies to provide real-time visualization of service SLAs at the network tenant level.

The innovative capabilities of the smart IP private line solution will help MTN to fully unleash the value of cloud and network, meet the digital demands of industries and lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress.

MTN will continue to enrich these high value-added use cases, iteratively optimizing the solution to evolve towards network automation goals and target services through planning, construction, operations, optimization and marketing through the stages of the network lifecycle and end-to-end services. With a focus on realizing Self-X capabilities (self-fulfilling, self-healing, self-optimizing) and Zero-X user experiences (zero contact, zero waiting, zero issues), MTN aims to develop a solution autonomous driving network. capabilities to create an agile operating environment, build a high performance network and realize its autonomous networks strategy in collaboration with Huawei and extend better services through new activities through a pan-African backbone network and other new technologies on 5G and Edge.

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