Debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau entry

Is a debt rescheduling feasible despite Credit Bureau entry or will there be problems with lending? Over-indebted consumers ask themselves this question if they plan to solve their financial problem in this way. But as is so often the case with credit, there is no universal answer here. It really always depends on the specific individual case. A debt rescheduling despite a Credit Bureau entry is usually possible if the lender is also particularly interested in ensuring that the money is repaid in full.

This would be a rescheduling in spite of Credit Bureau’s entry with the previous lender, who may not even ask Credit Bureau for this type of rescheduling. In practice, this constellation is often found in connection with a mortgage loan or car loans. Very few borrowers are able to completely repay their mortgage lending in the first round of financing, so that debt restructuring is inevitable in principle.

The lender will easily agree to the debt rescheduling, even if the borrower now has a negative Credit Bureau, if he has always paid his installments on time in the past. The decision will be similar for a debt rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry if it is a car loan from a car bank or a cash loan. If banks have had good experiences with their customers in the past and otherwise consider these customers to be creditworthy, debt rescheduling will always be possible despite Credit Bureau’s entry.

When debt rescheduling makes sense

When debt rescheduling makes sense

But why should debt restructuring be sought at all? In the past, many consumers took out several loans relatively spontaneously in order to fulfill one or the other desire to consume. Then suddenly and completely unexpectedly the financial situation of the borrowers changes. This can happen due to loss of job, separation from the partner or long illness.

Incidentally, these are the most common reasons why consumers are falling into debt. Borrowers who realize that they are no longer able to pay their installments at the previous level should do something as soon as possible. In this situation, it makes sense to replace all existing loans and merge them into a new loan.

If the longest possible term is then chosen for the repayment, the new installment can be affordable again. Borrowers who have already received an entry with Credit Bureau because they have not paid bills or other liabilities must then always expect that the bank will not readily agree to rescheduling. However, practical experience confirms that there are many lenders who are ultimately cooperative to find solutions to financial problems in the mutual interest.

It becomes very difficult for the borrower if a new lender is faced with the debt rescheduling despite Credit Bureau’s entry. Banks are usually not willing to buy such a predictable risk. Borrowers with negative Credit Bureau information generally have no chance that their rescheduling application will be approved if they apply for a debt rescheduling loan from a foreign bank.

Secure the debt restructuring with a guarantee

Secure the debt restructuring with a guarantee

Debt restructuring with Credit Bureau entry is also possible with a new lender if the borrower can provide a solvent guarantee. As soon as a good guarantor is included in the contract, the starting situation improves. The bank will now agree to a debt rescheduling even if the borrower is negative, if it can deposit the loan on the guarantor. The guarantor must then sign a joint and several guarantee.

Such a guarantee can also have negative consequences later. On the one hand, the loan for which he is a guarantor is viewed by the banks as a contingent liability. This can lead to problems if the guarantor later wants to take out a loan himself. On the other hand, the joint and several guarantee also means that the lender is entitled to take on the guarantor immediately in the event of payment arrears. Anyone who signs a guarantee obligation to enable a borrower with a negative Credit Bureau to take out a new loan should always be aware of the associated risks.

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